First Visit

When & What Is My Child’s First “Regular” Visit?

A child’s first dental appointment is a very special time.  The first “regular” dental visit should be no later than your child’s first birthday. It is at this appointment that a child is introduced to many new things including the dental office, dental instruments, and even the dentist! Because of this, it is absolutely necessary that the parent/guardian of the child is present for the appointment. Dr. Nick and his team understand this and do their best to make sure everyone’s first experience is as comfortable as possible. They understand establishing a relationship with their patient could influence a child’s dental care through their lifetime.

Depending on the child’s age, the first visit may be modified to suit an individual child’s needs. For those younger patients, the parents are invited into the treatment area to share this first dental experience. Important aspects of preventive dentistry will be discussed with both the parent and the child patient, including home hygiene instruction, dietary recommendations, and special things to watch out for during development. Dental x-rays may or may not be taken at this first appointment depending on child’s age, behavior, and specific need.

All findings and recommendations will be discussed with the parent/gaurdian as applicable. Of course, Dr. Nick is open to answer any and all additional questions the family may have.